After more than 11 years of providing free headsets to promote safe driving, is shutting down!

We are proud to annouce that has reached it's goals, and is now closed.

Over the last 5 years, almost every cell phone manufacturer has begun including a free hands-free headset with every cell phone sold. This small change is a huge victory for public safety; ensuring everyone has the tools to drive safely. This has always been the ultimate goal of the program.

We would like to thank the nearly 400,000 people from 34 countries around the world who have received a free headset and/or told a friend about our program. Your participation has certainly helped make our roads safer, and hopefully helped to save a few lives in the process.

Special thanks to the following print/tv/web/radio companies which have helped to spread the word about our program: The New York Times (Tim Gnatek), Reuters, The Seattle Times, Yahoo! News, MSNBC, The Rachel Ray Show, The San Diego Union Tribune, KFMB San Diego, NBC 7/39 San Diego, KUSI News, KOMO News, WMAQ Chicago, The Kim Komando Show, Telestial, and many many more.

Kind regards,
Matt MacAdams
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